Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summer of 2010

Exams came sooner than expected. Endlessly cramming, quick break, more cramming. And then, it was over. Freedom. I don't know what to do with my days. Birthdays, barbecues, sunshine and prom. Empire Film Guide. I'm gonna watch every film in this book. It's brief but it's promising. But no more time-wasting, it's a competitive world out there. It's time for work experience. Brides magazine, 2 weeks. I should have stuck to 1. Don't make me go back. A 'Devil Wears Prada' moment. Deliver this dress. It's urgent, run. A lonely patch of green in the middle of Oxford Circus, in the middle of the suits and the dresses and the heels. Sushi, Ipod and a little lunch hour to relax every day. And then, it was over. No more time-wasting, it's an exciting world out there. Travelling on a mini-euro-trip. Paris. Let's go crazy at the fun fair. I want a slush-puppy. The sun is shining, it is the start of an epic trip, and we don't waste a second. Nadia has a touche and I have a touche. The others are minging, they don't have anything. Every place we went: 'Il t'aime bien toi'. I visited the city, in all its glory. Tour de Paris on a Vespa, beautiful. Shut up Toma. Don't worry, we can be arab together. Hello Eric, let's rewind this past year. Peace and Love Hostel, Jaures. The crack den and ghetto are our home. Baby miracle: Adel the stranger was deaf one day, had perfect hearing the next. 'Passe moi soulaima'. Sou what? Four floors during a rainstorm. Seven deadly flights of stairs to reach our cosy, clean room. Roaming charges on the phones. Where's the internet cafe? I need to call my Mum again. 'I'm so happy your parents let you come.' My parents are not extremists. Glad I'm sharing with my belle, though. Should we spoon now? Let me tell you about an episode of Grey's Anatomy. Mais j'm'en fou... Harry races an Aston. There are races that last 24 hours. Learning something new every day. Strangers' philosophies expressed: 'Ai laike beeg gerlz. Zey argh gud for sex and laife'. Pictures on the toilet. Bal des pompiers. Let's go check out the firefighters. No firefighters, but too many people. American Sean. Speaks too slowly. Stupidly, 'I DROPPED MY PHONE IN THE CANAL!'. Bane of my life. Guys, I'm spending too much. Make me stop. Let's live off Mcdonald's and pasta. What should I wear?. You look so sexy, let's go now, PLEASE. Matching vintage army jackets? Check. Cafe des 2 moulins: 4 hours of pure bliss. Lara, why you sleeping in my suitcase? Berlin. Brilliant idea: let's go to the wrong airport! 5-hour fight-delay. Phew. It was a Wilkinson close shave. Berlin. Afternoon. Wake up. Shower. Dress. Eat. Party. Sleep. Repeat. I'm going for alone time, guys. I'll end up killing you all and myself. No questions, no interruptions. Perfectly balanced group dynamics. It went on. We cooked, and cleaned, and dressed, and ate, and peed, and showered together. Anyone for a rap battle? Amzilla's an observant one. Germs and Germans sound the same! It's like we're groupies, mate. 'It's finally the time. To walk back past ten thousand eyes in the line'. Rob. Can I call you knob instead? 'So you're the arsehole of the group'. A deal made. A promise broken. On to the next one. 'Yes. This is Trezor'. Huge, white sign. Empty warehouse on the highway. Or so we thought. I found one. Taller than the world. Subtle, yet effective. Too late to chat. Sleepy time. Patches of sand outside clubs in Berlin. Harmless boys who stalk. Ironically creepy men who respect a 'no'. KitKat. Sounds like the Berlin I expected. Dominatrix style. Casually moving on. No stopping. Berlin slows down for no one. Allows no down-time. Time for Suicide Circus. Buzzing dancer. Same move. Round and round, hands flapping. Eyes fixed. Fixed. Fixed. Buzzing. The image of this woman: fixed in my memory. 'They look English'. Off we go. They are English. Londoners, no less. 'No way. Do you live near the riverside, by the queue?'. Time for a little sit-down. They are there, and they are like mothers. Unconditionally helpful. J'suis pas ton amie, je suis ta mere. Back to the hotel. Breakfast. Taxi. Airport. Home. Sunshine, games, guitars and giggles. Journey. Working out well, but should be a solitary stroll, not a 2-man show. Strangers can be kind. On my feet now, ready to take over the world. Nothing can stop me, and nothing does. Some new situations. Play along and see what happens. Drama, drama, drama. And then I'm over it. Time for my re-focus. Up in those mountains, you rely on your mind to keep you entertained. It's beautiful. And so the journey continues. Frying under the sun, by that pool in the woods. It's like my personal Swan patch. Family, kids, chats and swings. Beautiful and relaxed. 2 weeks and I feel empowered. Let's do this. Home, and off to a new beginning.


  1. I love how freeform this post is. :-)

  2. I'm with FC, this is something else. Stream-of-consciousness Eurotrip séance, that's the impression I get. So THIS is where you've been and what you've been doing. Good to hear from you again, Mashlip.

  3. love it, need some explanations!

  4. Mashlip, You are summin else, you sly devil.
    who knew this was all inside of you?!
    Let it show more often, woman :)
    Or perhaps, don't. Its more wonderful that way!
    And I think I just discovered where some more of your brilliance is hidden.
    All of it, its beaut.
    You're beaut.

  5. You're a brilliant writer. Write some more xx

  6. Still can't figure out the link between the title, picture and content. However, you've hit a soft spot and it is endearing! Well done you...

  7. Soupie, a child's mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled. That was my school motto, and you have perfectly proved that ethos. Bloody impressive! Lalo