Friday, May 14, 2010

Ain't No Time Like The Present

He talked about being young. About the beauty of youth. About the hope of the young.
I don't fit the image of youth. Youth represents freedom, innocence, love, creativity and health.

My freedom is weighed down by the city. By the times we live in. By this society that judges. By its interference. By its importance.

My innocence is gone with this social urgency, to be aware of everything. Gone with the comfort we impose on ourselves and others, of expressing and explaining and expecting. There is no intimacy. It has been sucked dry and replaced by this mass generalisation, that we are continuously reminded of.

My love and heart have yet to be earned. Yet to be broken, and mended. Yet to be appreciated.

My creativity is limited. Because of technology. Because we can't escape it. Because it improves communication, while it destroys humanity. Because creativity involves physicality, where technology involves singularity.

My health is intact, but not as strong as it could be. Not as fit as it should be. Not as active as it would be.

They say the young live for the future, while the old live for the past. And the present? My present isn't what I would like it to be.


  1. Sorry to hear that. What would it take to get your present where you want it?

  2. in one word. sick. I LOVE IT. ok that was 4 words...

  3. i definitely live in the future...

    but amazing post, i feel like turning it into a song i can already feel the beat haha :)
    jtm souli

  4. As promised I read!!
    man this good..intense (i had to read it twice to really truly understand), but GOOD.
    and I agree with remus, I feel it has a certain music vibe to it.
    by the way this is caly.

  5. Deep. You think too much. take it eaaaaasy

  6. Be true to yourself -- and never fear the judgment of not being true to what your peers demand of you. If Facebook, Twitter and all the other demanding social vehicles intrude your privacy and solitude and pondering time -- dump 'em. It is next to impossible to change the world to where it should be, but we can certainly change our reaction to that world.

    I'm being preachy, aren't it? I don't mean to be -- I'm a little anti-interconnection these days.

  7. You sound like an old soul...that is why the older generation lives in the past because it was so much more free and real. Now we are challenged with technology and we all, regardless of age, feel the pressure of these economic times. You see and think with exceptional laser precision and it is very appealing and impressive. Keep searching. Follow your instincts, because you are wise beyond your years. Never give up.

  8. I've just started following your blog and I'm following it backward so I hope this still gets read. My comment is as much for your reply to Postman as it is in response to the post (which was very good!)

    Every age has its golden moments as well as it's black ones - don't let your vision become clouded with images of a glorious, innocent, yesterday that never was. Instead, set your gaze on a vision of life as you would like it to be and move toward it. The journey might be long and difficult, but it can be achieved.

  9. i love you mashlip...
    you broke my heart with all this!!!