Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yearbook Page!

I was a wee baby when they first threw me in here. From my very first year, in 12eme, they took me on a classe verte. Why they thought taking 4 year-olds on a classe verte was a good idea is beyond me. From then on, I knew I would be in a for a ride. This wasn’t just any school. They did things differently here. And so the years went on, and I gradually became acquainted with all of you, blessing your lives in some way or other. There are a few things that I know will remain floating around in the genius that is my mind, for a very long time. I would like to thank my homies for making these years the best so far (that’s not saying much seeing as I’m only 18, but whatever, it’s been good). We’ve often complained about this place. But I know that, not a single one of you liars would have swapped it for the world. This is where the party was at. Where else would we have met and fallen in love with Mr Simon? Enjoyed the top nosh at the cantine? Had a strike day in the teachers’ garden? Lived through a bloody school bomb threat? Yeah, that’s what I thought, you badmans. You’re all just pretending. On that note, I would like you all to pause and think back on the things that have made these years immense. I believe there are some things that deserve their own page-space. These past few years have seen the birth of Human Deal or No Deal. They saw Remi flipping some burgers, Hickey dealing fish behind a counter, and Camilla selling some shit for a kitchen. And, obviously, there was a hell of a lot of babysitting. There were blogs, and even an attempted novel. There was Isabelle’s beautiful drumming sound, and of course there were Mitch’s brill cups of tea. There was bird flu, and then came the swine. There was a fruitshop boy, a costa girl, and there might even have been a few teachers in there as well. There was one fateful fight with my Mary about a little island called Japan, and then there was Miley’s tank top. Elly screamed across the art room floor for some paint or other shit on a daily basis, and there was Goodman’s confusion as to WTF Was Going On Here. There were drums, there were ukuleles and there were guitars; the stench of failure soon followed. There was Scott on Friendorama and then there was the return of Clemmie 2. My French/American gangster drug dealer soon started providing the goods from German Switzerland. There was Momo’s arrival into the BS (Better Section). There was a Snow Patrol concert that blessed me with a conversation. And then came the noise of dubstep. There was and still is an entry pass application that hasn’t been sent off. (I didn’t get a chance to see what Fatima bloody did next. Damn you Remus.) There were Diams’ stupid confessions, and Yelle’s porno request. There was a lion, a dragon and an Easter egg hunt. We dressed up as bacteria for a bio presentation, for God’s sake! There were mistakes made, and lessons learned. (Rarely in a classroom, though). There were some inspirational teachers (woah, there, let’s not get ahead of ourselves – there were only one or two of those). There were wailing tears. There were hysterical laughs. There were hopes. There were fears. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you all, kids.


  1. This is really sweet. I wish my school did something cute like this. All we got were boring old pictures of people on the yearbook staff's friends. Borrrrinng.
    Hope they managed to put it in!

  2. You know, despite my craving to be 4 again, turning 15 weren't half bad.
    Because it's when I met you.
    Darling, you are truly what has made the remainder of my years at LFCdG bearable.
    I love you.
    And your Yearbook page is so lovely, so many happy memories.
    So many that I will keep and cherish in my heart.
    Bacteria.... no one but us.... x

  3. Sounds like y'all had a bunch of awesome times together! Even though I didn't understand half of it, the half I did made me want to have been there when it was happening!

  4. Ah, the magical symbolic convergence of shared school days. Almost none of this made any sense to me at all, but it was rather interesting to attempt it anyway. I can only imagine some of the high times recounted above (I'd love to know what "badmans" means). Sounds like quite a blast, whatever they were.

    This almost has a rhythm to it, too, a cadence. You should read it aloud at parties like a beatnik and see how it goes down.

    My apologies, Mashlip, I've been neglecting you lately. Blame the weather (it was actually good there for a couple of weeks). As always, a rather nice read.

  5. This was sweet! They'll let you say "shit" in your yearbook? I made the mistake of not getting a yearbook...I was like "Pfft, I don't want to spend the money and besides, I'll remember it all anyway."

    I don't remember really any of it, actually :D

  6. Lexa: Thank you! I hope so too :) That is actually so boring. It's ok though, you can just share my book...

    Chevalier: Our LFCdG days have been good Isabella. I can't wait to see what the next 18 years will see us dressing up as!! :)

    Jane: I was worried no one would bother reading til the end of this one, because it really does not make any sense... The good times deserved a shout-out though! Thank you for stopping by :)

    Postie: I'm so proud! Someone picked up on the rhythm and beat! I'm right there with you on the weather front. My days, it's been beautiful lately! As to those badmans mentioned, I thought urban dictionary would do the job :

    Joan: We get away with so much in this yearbook, because it's organised entirely by the students. Teachers have no say in it!
    I should have just cursed my way through the A4 page... I've got a really shit memory when it comes down to meaningful stuff, like my school days, so I thought I'd stick to the safe side and order a few copies. :)

  7. yo fatty!!
    iloved nearly brought tears to my eyes, all these memories flashing in my mind, beautiful
    ive had a wonderful time here and you're right, we do always complain but at the end of theday i've had some of the best moments in this place with youppl and no matter what happens next no one or nothing can ever change that. this place is where we first learnt about the person we are and the place that has helped us find our own way in life.
    i'm ever so excited about leaving but im scared of losing this security, this safehaven, this place we have for so long called home.


  8. Lexi loves Soulaima3 May 2010 at 17:37

    i love you, oh so much so much so much

  9. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!!! this is omg lovely
    but we have more than that 1 japan fight!!!!

    not down with that!

    but i love you!!!!!!!

    from mimi! xxx