Tuesday, March 09, 2010


You know that special buzz you get when your Ipod is on shuffle and it randomly selects the most perfect song to fit your mood? It's like a tiny miracle. Last night, in the darkness of my room and in the comfort of my bed, the holy Ipod took me back to a specific moment in my life 4 years ago.

Nothing spectacular happened. In fact, nothing happened at all. I didn't speak to anyone, or do anything remarkable. It was just one of those moments that still float around in your memory for no apparent reason. I am 14 years old and I am about to leave the house to get some milk. I'm wearing my jacket and scarf and I'm ready to go. I remember taking a quick look at the mirror and spending a minute longer there than expected. I examine myself. For the first time in my life, I am completely satisfied with the way I look. More than that, I am happy with the way I look. I feel pretty. Not beautiful, not striking, not mesmerising. Just pretty. Such a shallow thought, yet such a powerful feeling. I remember realising I had never felt anything like it before, and jumping around my room with happiness!

It's a strange thing, this concept of beauty. Even at the age of 14, when you should be running around having water fights and reading comic books, you are all too aware of it.


  1. "A tiny miracle."

    Never heard it described better. What a charming vignette! And what a memorable, endearing moment that must've been for you in front of the mirror long ago. Quite a treat to read about, you may be sure. Thanks for sharing, Mashlip. I experienced a similar sort of thrill (only insert the word "cool" in place of "pretty") the first time I looked in the mirror in my Indiana Jones costume...also at age 14.

    Sometimes we find magic in the most ordinary and inauspicious times and places, don't we?

  2. Thank you Postman! Aren't we the cool and pretty pair eh!?

  3. I get that feeling too. Personally, a song for me represents a season. Even a smell. For instance sway is such a summer song and reminds me of the good times I had at the house of a person i like to call Teta. I have playlists made just to remind of a single moment, and as much as I try i'm not always that successful at reminiscing. So brava to you for achieving that blast from the past!


  4. Monty, I'm exactly the same. I create playlists that remind me of seasons. Mostly I do it for summers though :)

    Is Teta your grandma? That's what we call our grandmother!

    The problem is though, I can remember moments clearly, but describing them becomes the problem. They turn into something completely different!

  5. Mashlip.
    I know it's taken me a while to get around to this.
    But what I wanted to say was.
    Reading this made me smile.
    I can picture the moment so perfectly in my mind, and it genuinely lights up my dark thoughts.
    To be honest, I think fourteen is when image is most important to a person. It's the age at which you're really thinking about the opposite gender, when you're establishing yourself as a person, "who you are" basically, and when your own personality starts to define itself rather than a collective of you and the people you are seen with, so it's a time when you feel like you are being judged the most.

    I say leave the water fights to us 18s. Let the 14s be insecure about their looks. CAUSE WE DON'T CARE. riiight riiight.


  6. chevalier, je t'aime un peu beaucoup.

    YOU make me smile. You can picture the jumping around right?! ha, what a fruitloop I am...

    Go update your blog por favor, I want to read about what's gwannin in your mind.

    PS: I might just decide to throw a bucket of water on you really soon, so watch yourself. You've just Deal or No Deal challenged me to a water fight.

    I LIKE YOU x